Sunday, June 1, 2008

just another day

nothing exciting to report in these here parts. we've had a lot of rain, crazy kids bouncing off the walls and a half-way unpacked house. the rest of our stuff comes this week, as does my vehicle and our new bed:)

i think i am going to finally be relieved to have my scrappy stuff back! oh, and our silverware too. really tired of using plastic forks! i think i ate part of one the other day when it broke off. yuck!

we are on the home stretch of school now...and for all of you who are already enjoying your summer stink! we don't end here for another month! thats ok...right now that is helping me keep my sanity and also giving me time to unpack everything before i have to be the full time mom again:)

will share some more pics later. gotta get them off my camera!

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