Monday, June 16, 2008

eye candy

just another monday in june here. thought i would add some pics to spice things up:)

i am proud to say the biggest news around here is this little one seen here is POTTY TRAINED!! talk about excited! (at least i am). i didn't have to hardly try with her, but i figure thats making up for the painful year of potty training that her big sister put me thru.

now this beautiful piece of eye candy is from a sweet lady's yard that lives in town here. we walk by her house everyday going to school and home. she is often outside and many times we stop and talk to her. i finally asked her if i could come take pictures of her flowers and she graciously agreed. i have some others that i haven't worked on yet and then when i am done editing them, i am gonna have them printed and give her a copy...just as a little thank you.

well, i'm gonna try and post some more pics this evening, but i must go feed the natives now!

~enjoy! k

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