Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it must come with age...

i never used to like fall as a child. maybe it was because i was back in school and the freedom of summer was over. but as an adult, i LOVE this time of year. i never really appreciated the beauty nature graces us with during this season, but the past few years, i have really embraced it. so here's to autumn and all its glory!

halloween is officially today, but has been over for us for a few days. the girls had fun trick-or-treating and dressing up...and thankfully weren't scared from all the freaky costumes out there! ella even learned to say "ding-dong, tick a teat"...haha! it was so cute! in fact she still says it! abby isn't thrilled that she has to wait another year to get to go out again, but will live i'm sure!

lots going on in the next couple weeks...ella's getting ready to be a whole year older! man, does the time fly! she is definitely practicing for her "terrible two's" lately! NO is her favorite word, and she is getting a little more physical...but then again, she has had to learn to defend herself from her sister...

and then the next big event is my baby brother is getting married (on ella's b-day). i'm so sad i can't be there for the wedding. it will be the only one i haven't been able to attend, but i am hoping to have a nice reunion with everyone when i return next summer.

well, better get back to cleaning the house! enjoy!

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