Wednesday, October 24, 2007

found mojo...

he was under some paper:) i haven't done anything scrappy related in almost 4 months...but last night, i created this cute little cardstock purse with 8 coordinating cards...and then today i gave it away as a birthday present:( but she loved thats all that matters!
and then today i created another one (i'm really addicted) and it was just as cute! and then this afternoon, i gave that one away too (another birthday present) i think i can officially say i have my mojo back!!

too bad mojo can't help me clean up the ENORMOUS mess of scrappy supplies that line my counters and table right now! i was trying to organize stuff and then needed a change of pace...but the mess is still there! uugghh! why do i do this to myself??

enjoy the pics!

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