Tuesday, October 2, 2007

been awhile...

well its been awhile since i updated this blog...lots going on...got over my illnesses during august, abby started kindergarten, my parents came for a visit and lots of traveling...so now i'm back and hopefully i can get back in the groove of updating this regularly.

abby is a month into school and has survived thus far. i think she has finally realized that i'm not giving in..she has to go. so now instead of tears, she waves good-bye and occasionally smiles from the bus in the morning. on a different note, i am developing a new relationship with ella which has been wonderful. we've never really had one on one time with each other for any significant amount of time, so this is a nice change. we are still going to playgroup a few times a week and we are getting ready to start a mommy-tot dance class. so i'm excited about that.

i also just agreed to help another mom start up a daisy girl scout troop here in the community we live in...so that is gonna completely fill up my already full schedule. but it should be fun and it gives abby and i some projects to work on too!

my photography "thing" for lack of a better word ( i refuse to say business, cause i don't really feel like i am in business yet:) is going well. i am quite booked for the month of october and have decided after much thought that after this month, i will be done photographing until 2008. i need to find a middle ground where editing photos doesn't take every waking minute, but also still be able to practice and get better and learn more as i go. i truly love photography, always have...now i just have to balance it with my life as a mom, and a wife.

well, thats a wrap for now. will include pics in the next one!

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