Sunday, April 1, 2007

something new

here is another layout i completed this weekend. i am really trying to get as many done as possible...but sometimes life doesn't allow time for me to "play" when i get to, i love sharing it. matt made it home safely and early...thank goodness!! ella has slept thru every night since he has been home...geesh!

i was trying to be ahead of the game this weekend by doing my grocery shopping on saturday since it was raining, so i could take the girls to the park today (it wasn't supposed to rain)...and it didn't, but the yellow dust level was over 1200. basically this means that the air quality is SO poor that you should stay indoors and even minimize indoor activity. yeah, right...with 2 little ones!! of course by dinner time, the level had come down quite a bit...doesn't it always happen that way?? hopefully it will stay low all week so we can burn some excess energy.

well nothing else new to report! enjoy...

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