Friday, April 13, 2007

oh, sweet sleep!

i am finally starting to recover from ella's lack of sleep lately. except for last night, she has been very kind to us the last few nights. keep it up girly!!

well the weather is gorgeous and the cherry blossoms are raining petals must be SPRING! woohoo! we are finishing up abby's spring break (thank goodness) and i am happy to report everyone has managed to survive the week. my dear friend tava had her baby finally this past monday. they are all doing well and adjusting to life with a new little one around. it must be raining babies! ALMOST makes me want another one...but then i remember i am still in the middle of all the sleepless i will love and cherish everyone else's babies.

ella has developed an addiction this week MO-MO (elmo) she is seriously obsessesed! this is usually the 1st word when she wakes up and she wants to watch it after her bath at night too. she even has a little MO-MO dance she does when you ask her if she wants to watch elmo. still have to train abby to not say this word all the time as ella thinks it always means we get to watch the furry monster.

and another 1st this week, ella pooped in the potty for the 1st time! i'm not getting too hopeful as she's still not too sure about the toliet thing, but its a start and its a lot sooner than abby showed interest! yippee!

got my 10 year college graduation invite in the mail this week...makes me feel very old!

no scrapbooking this week...trying to catch up on lost sleep. i have several projects in the works at this time too, so i'm gonna have to balance them all. i agreed to put together a slide show for abby's preschool graduation and i've been putting it off i must admit, but i think i better start on it soon! i also have a nursing recertification i need to complete a couple tests for...but that requires an AWAKE mind...and i definitely haven't had one of those lately.

well i'm off to chip away at the enormous pile of laundry that is waiting for me. have a good one! will post some pics next time!

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