Thursday, March 15, 2007

waiting anxiously...

for the arrival of my new niece. my little brother (richard's) fiance' is being hopefully i will hear anytime now.

on a different note, we went to E-Mart yesterday. (it is a version of walmart, but not nearly as big...and it is geared towards koreans, not americans). the nice part is they have a play area i can check abby into for a couple hours while i walk around the store. we both enjoy that! haha! then after that little excursion, we headed into the "mall". not the same as an american mall, but many similarities. found a book store that was awesome and totally made my day. they had a scrapbooking section and a big office supply area...and a play area. so once again we all benefitted. it is very hard to find scrapbook supplies over here...i usually end up ordering mine finding american supplies was a HUGE thing! needless to say by the time we all got home, we were exhausted.

well here's another pic until i can post one of my new little niece...this is a typical day of traffic here!! ( guess i will have to figure out how to put the picture in the text so that it goes along with the text!)

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