Wednesday, March 14, 2007

blogging: take 2

well since i started this blog about a month ago, i haven't been able to figure out how to log back into it to update! haha! i just figured out how to today, but the entire site is in hangul (korean). so i can't read all the "directions" and don't know how to switch it back to english. ugghh! well i will keep working on it and try and get it back up and running!

update!! i just got it back to english! woohoo! well, hope i can keep things this way!

Now for the story of the night...abby was watching sesame street and they were talking about horses...

Abby: mommy, why don't i have a horse?

me: i don't know (big smile)

Abby: can you talk to my grandma about getting me a horsey? not a real one, i mean just a horse


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Cristina said...

Kristy - what a great idea! More pics of those adorable girls are always fun to see! I'll look forward to reading the updates and keeping up with you! Take care, Cristina