Tuesday, March 24, 2009

yeah! it's not strep!

ok seriously people...i am so tired of dealing with sick kids! last week they double whammied me with bronchitis and pink eye...and i washed the sheets and everything else religiously to prevent it being spread. then abby starts to cough and sneeze...obviously she had acquired her sisters cold.

fast forward to last night, bedtime and the tears...her throat hurts really bad...ugh.

so back to the doctor we went this morning and the rapid strep test is negative (hallelujah!) they are still culturing it, but no news is good news...right now both kids are at school and i am off to plan some chicken noodle soup for dinner. man i need a nap!


Fink said...

I remember when Antonia's throat hurt so bad I thought strep and Taylor's did not hurt but she had strep not Antonia! I would think it killed.

Andrea Amu said...

Aww! Sounds like enough is enough! Hope all is better in your house real soon!

Cute Kitty! I need to get those carts real bad!