Saturday, March 14, 2009

frisky leprachauns

we have had some very mischievious leprachaun activity lately. we haven't managed to catch one yet, but so far we have had:

  • green toilet water (YUCK)

  • shamrock confetti sprinkled all over the floor

  • shoes placed on the table

  • books spread out all over the floor

  • the leprachaun trap moved

  • a leprachaun hat that we found (must have run off in a hurry)

  • a stuffed animal dangling from the cabinet

  • the baby stroller put in the kitchen sink

  • dry erase marker drawn all over the bathroom mirror

its getting quite fun to wake up in the morning to see what we will encounter that day. it has been quiet the last couple of days so we are hoping they didn't leave...not much longer till the big green day!

have also been scrapping a little too...thanks for looking!


Fink said...

You look so much like your mom!!!!! I always love the little leprachauns when they do this! One year they actually tipped over some furniture!

Andrea Amu said...

Ha! Ha! Sounds like a lot of fun antics there where you live! ;)

I so loved that page about your mom! Older pix make some of the best layouts!

wendyp said...

how fun!!! Wish I had done something like this when the boys were younger.

Beautiful layout!!!