Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentines Card Drive

Just sharing a quick card with you today. Every January my kids and I participate in a Valentines Card Drive to benefit children in the hospital. I am so very blessed to have healthy kids and I love the idea of giving someone else's kid a smile. Our goal this year is to make 100 cards. We are over halfway there, so hopefully we can reach our goal.

I usually design the cards and the kids are my worker bees. They help assemble, do some coloring and then sign the insides. This is something we look forward to every year at this time. Its also a really great way to avoid the normal post holiday blues. We have to keep the design simple, and without any choking hazards on them. This card below is just one of the designs we have made so far.

If you are interested in contributing some cards you can go HERE to read details. All cards have to be received by January 31st.

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joybear said...

Wonderful thing to do, and such a cute card!