Sunday, August 15, 2010

busy summer

i am a slacker...i know it. one of these days i hope to be back and blogging regularly.

lots going on right now with job hunting, town hunting, kids home for the summer and projects that never end. but it will all work out and slow down at some point:)

one of my projects this summer was to make the girls dresses. i have never made a dress before in my life. but i was gonna figure it out by golly! and i did! and i even managed to make both of their dolls matching ones too!

they both got haircuts and look just darling!

(sorry the pics aren't the greatest, i rely on my camera phone way too much lately:)


joybear said...

They are adorable!!!! The dresses look so cute and comfy!!

Andrea Amu said...

I just adore those dresses, Kristy! You can sew for me any day!