Sunday, June 13, 2010

end of school madness

well sorry i have been a little MIA...its the end of school and its pure madness. everyone that can schedule something in its only going to get worse before it gets better.

we have also made the decision to search for a new job. in the civilian world. and couldn't be happier. after many years of being screwed by the army, we are done. our children aren't aware of any of this yet, so if you happen to be around them, please don't mention it. we want to get a few more things planned out before we tell them. i don't know where we will be in 6 months, but i know matt won't be deploying. and thats the best part. until all the ducks fall into place, we will continue enjoying the gorgeous weather up here, watch our garden and flowers grow, and work on getting rid of stuff we no longer need.

i probably won't be around for the next few weeks...we have family arriving, end of school and all the events in between:) i will be back eventually:)


Pam AKA: picnic said...

214nmainWow Kristy sounds like lots going on in your world, so glad your Hubby is getting out and not gonna have to go back... and I THANK HIM for his service to our country, what would we do without men and women like him! Will keep you guys in my prayers and pray that whatever or wherever you go things work out great, I know they will you are such a strong amazing woman, you take care...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy! I just noticed this link to your blog on my yahoo page today and checked it out. Amazing! The girls are getting so big!! And, your pictures really capture the moments well.
I see that you guys have a lot going on right now! Change is exciting. I know you guys will find the right path! We can't wait ot hear where you end up!
Aloha, Jen

Andrea Amu said...

Kristy, it sounds like you all have a full plate! Wishing you much luck and peace as you sort through things and get your plans settled!