Thursday, May 20, 2010

growing up

tonight was abby's class musical, ironically titled get up and grow. i must be feeding my kids too well cause they have been doing a lot of growing lately. (brace yourself mom and dad)

it had been awhile since i got the girls together for pics...and of course there is no better time than when you have a new camera:) so i had to break that baby in right!

can you tell my kids were born and raised with a camera in their face. they are not shy. i actually had to stop shooting them cause they had used up my entire memory card.
take another mommy...just one more....

ok i promise this is the last one mommy...

bwhaaa...boy do we really have her fooled!!

this would be the money shot. thanks kiddos. thanks for growing up on me when i was busy washing dishes and tucking you in at night. thanks for making me wonder where all these past years have gone. thanks for making me feel that much older. thanks for being simply amazing.

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Pam AKA: picnic said...

amazing as usual.... and yes they are growing up, I now my grandbabies are growing way to fast for me, you blink and no more babies... I just love to see all the great photos you take, WOW!!!