Friday, January 22, 2010

slow start

my new year has been off to a slow start. which i don't mind at all:)

a little bit of snow; a little bit of sickness; a broken finger (abby); the musical Wicked; and a little bit of laundry and all those other boring, mundane parts of life.

here are some of my latest. sorry for the small pics, my computer and camera aren't talking, so i had to take these with my phone.

and last but not least you may notice an ad to the right about Swagbucks. its part of google, and its a search engine that everytime you use it you receive swag bucks. which you can then trade in for amazon gift cards and all sorts of other things! you just click on the ad, it will take you to their page. register (its FREE) and load their toolbar on your computer. then everytime you want to search for something, type it in...its as simple as that.

i am giving it a try and think you should too!! (stepping off my soapbox now:)

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