Thursday, October 8, 2009


i haven't completely abandoned my blog...i promise. just been insanely busy with nothing really interesting to write about. been in mommy mode. driving from school to practice to home...then homework, dinner, baths, bed...a few temper tantrums (mine and theirs:).

the good news is that my "relief" will be here in less than a week. very happy about that. then i can start breathing again. at the moment, i am doing a lot of cleaning. not very fun. have been wanting to scrapbook, but don't have time really for that either. been reading lots. such is the cycle of life.

so now that you're bored beyong belief and probably don't have to feel like you are really missing out on much:) hopefully i will be back soon with something witty to say or a new pic to post. sadly haven't even picked my camera up in awhile. must do that soon!

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JJ said...

YYYYYYaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnn....I need a NAP! Thanks for the update though! HUGS GIRL!