Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09 the special birthday

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here is the dress she BEGGED me for...but i refused to buy it for her. then one day when she wasn't with me, i snuck out to the store, bought it, washed it and had it hanging in her doorway for her to see when her eyes opened this morning. she was very excited!

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these are the cupcake toppers for abby's birthday cupcakes for school. she loved them. she wanted a girly skull theme and i did find some party supplies, but nothing for the cupcakes, so i pulled out my cricut and made them. the scallop circle is from a punch i have, the skull is from the lifes a beach cart, the bow is from the paper dolls cart and then the eyes and the design on the bow are stickles.

all in all she had a great day, dressed like a princess, was sang lots of happy birthday songs, ate cake, and overall had a fabulous b-day.

and i just can't believe she is already 7. (sniff, sniff)...where did my baby go?

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