Monday, August 31, 2009

we've moved!

i know its sudden and all, LOL...but i just fell in love with this place when i saw it and i couldn't pass it up! hahahaha!

gorgeous huh? my own little private castle!

now here's the shocking part:

i have to bring these guys along...but there is LOTS of room (or should i say ROOMS) for them to run thru)

and when i get tired, i can sit out on my ENORMOUS porch. ahhh...the life of being oh so wealthy!

i am booking now for the fall. anyone wanna come visit?

think matt will be surprised? LOL!!


The Countess Jennifer of Great Mills Township said...

All Hail Queen Kristy, greetings Princesses Abby & Ella, we poor paupers would be most obliged to pay you a visit. I would come bearing gifts and require little space. I LOVE IT! I would love to have a wing for us, wow can you imagine all of us girls moving in there! What a hoot. Thanks for that laugh this morning. Now, I think I shall go eat like a QUEEN! Well maybe not, to eat like a queen is to wear the pantyhose the size of QUEEN!

Andrea Amu said...

Your funny!!! That would be a dream though... beautiful place!