Sunday, July 19, 2009

the fruits of my labor (or something like that)

here are some pics of my yard, mainly for my parents. i was very surprised when i got back from vacation to find my garden and yard had like tripled in size. insane. this picture is right after i put these plants and beds in in may.

here's the same shot taken today. looks much better!

here is my garden: the insane plant dead center is zucchini, corn to the right of it and then squash to the right of the corn. sunflowers backing up against the barn.

this is the long shot of the whole garden:

a little baby zucchini:

hard to tell because of the lighting, but the middle 2 rows are carrots, 4 corners are watermelons that are trying to live and then on the left center is parsley.

and last but not least, a baby squash:

so there you have garden is doing much better than anticipated. now onto the things i wasn't TRYING to grow...

my husband sent me sunflowers for our anniversary last fall. very sweet of him since those are my flowers of choice. once they died, i threw them in the compost pile and low and behold...they have come back to life.

then there's the mystery plant growing next too the sunflower, to the left of the black bin (it has the big leaves). i am thinking its pumpkin...but it will just have to be a surprise. and to think i wasn't even trying!

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