Thursday, January 8, 2009

a new perspective

here are some shots from last year that are just some examples of stepping out of the box when you shoot...the 1st one is dd inside a tunnel slide at the park. i love the brightness of the slide and the silhoutte of her body.

the next one is my SIL on a trampoline and i am actually laying underneath it while she was jumping.

maybe that will spark your creativity...maybe it will help you jump out of the box...i, on the other hand, have drawn a blank on things to write on this time i focused on the pictures.



Fink said...

Great ideas! Thanks

Kristy said...

Kristy you are so amazing. You have no idea what I would do to spend a day with you and just watch you behind your camera.

So if you get bored and want to make a trip to Utah I'll take you scrapbooking and even let you stay in our crazy house!

wendyp said...

wow!!! Love those photos! That trampoline photo is amazing!!!