Tuesday, March 25, 2008

weekly wrap up

well only in my house is the current state of chaos never enough. last monday (st patty's day)...my oldest decided our lives were so mundane that she had to do something about it...in her quest to try new things, she settled on taking on a brick wall with her head (brick wall won). so off to our monthly visit to the ER to have her head stapled (yes, stapled) back together. lucky for her, you can't see it and she didn't have to have her hair shaved.

then...as if she didn't receive enough attention from previously mentioned incident, she went and pulled out her 1st tooth!! jeepers! i'm not ready for my baby to be old enough to lose teeth. this happened on saturday (the 22nd). never let your kids lose teeth the day before easter. she was petrified that the easter bunny and tooth fairy would get things mixed up. thankfully, they didn't.

i am happy to report that this week has started out at a much slower pace. got staples removed on monday and have been injury free (knock on wood) since.

matt has started clearing and our move is quickly becoming a reality. we fly out of here in less than 2 weeks. deep breath...

we have a small shipment being picked up on friday and then i leave for mommy R&R to china on sunday. my husband will quickly convert to mommy/daddy role overnight and will manage things until i return. i get back next week and we have our full shipment being packed up the next day. cutting it kind of close, but i may never get this chance again.

i will be losing my main computer this week...so this will be one of my last updates for awhile. i should be able to use our laptop...but we have to remember to keep it behind:)


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Jen Gallacher said...

Oooh, you have had a busy week. Hopefully things are settling down. :)