Sunday, May 20, 2007

been awhile...

well its been awhile since i last posted any updates. been SOO busy wrapping up the school year, finishing the slide show for abby's graduation (5-21), making teacher gifts, going on very little sleep (ella has been very restless lately)...its just been crazy here.

i am very excited for this upcoming long weekend...maybe we can catch up around here. been taking lots of pics, got a new lens & computer for mothers now i get to start the arduous task of transferring ALL of my files! yuck! and the new computer is windows vista...very different than windows that will keep me busy well into june:)

the girls are as busy as ever. ella is talking up a storm...seems to learn a new word daily. my favorite is "bobby" for abby. it sounds so cute when she says it. and now abby has a new nickname (she always wanted one since we call ella (ella bean)

finally planning an exciting trip to a remote tropical location....guam...woohoo! just as soon as matt changes jobs, we are OUTTA here! so psyched!!! i want to spend everyday on the beach with the girls and then come back to the hotel and all of us crash for long afternoon naps and then back to the beach again. and this may not sound exciting to many of you, but since i am missing my american stores, it will be nice to be near some again. they don't have a target:(, but they have a kmart and a mall with a macy' we will probably need to buy extra luggage while we're there.

well, gonna make this one short. will share some more pics soon!
love, k

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